I’m HB Hessler. I teach writing in northern California but this blog started during my sabbatical at a university in the southwest. For years I’ve maintained a variety of anonymous and semi-anonymous blogs as a way to explore different dimensions of rhetoric and everyday life–in particular the rhetoricity of occupation: how what we make and do becomes who we are. I also maintain multiple teaching journals and portfolios each year, mostly related to arts-integrated, community-engaged, digitally mediated, and artifact-based pedagogies. Realizing I’d accumulated several thousand pages of “unpublished” writing, it seemed time for a little synthesis. This blog is a back burner spot for assembling some of those thoughts, years later, to see what they might teach me about the drift of my writing and work in those spaces. And it’s a sort of butterfly net for catching my thinking about teaching during a time of transition as I contemplate, at mid-career, where I’m headed next as a teacher and learner and maker. My evolving professional website is brookehessler.com


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